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Hair loss is a health problem that many individuals, both men and women, are struggling with today. Up to 100 hair loss per day is normal. Hair loss in men can be on both sides of the forehead and on the top, as well as covering the whole head. In women, the hair loss occurs more often in the form of sparse hair. If excessive hair loss and visible thinning of the hair occurs, you should consult a hair transplant specialist as soon as possible.

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Who Are The Best Candidates For Hair Transplantation?
Our expert team decides whether the person who is going to have hair transplantation is suitable for hair transplantation or not. According to the type of hair loss seen in the patient, hair transplantation is decided. The types of hair loss are:
Male Type hair loss
Genetic hair loss
Congenital regional hair loss
Hair loss due to burns
Accident and surgery scars
Female Type hair loss
The most common type of hair loss is genetic hair loss. Therefore, the treatments applied to that area do not reach the full solution and hair transplantation becomes obligatory. In cases other than genetic loss, hair loss can be prevented by applying PRP, mesotherapy and vitamin treatment without any side effects.
Procedure time
4 – 6 hours
Overnight stay
Local or Sedation
Final results
1 – 3 Days
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